Sunday, September 26, 2010

Family Fire Drill

The beginning of each school year comes with reminders of past lessons learned.  One lesson that most school children can give explicit details on is the procedure to follow during a fire drill.  They all know to stay calm, use walking feet, and go with the class to a safe location.  This drill should serve as a reminder to families that fires can occur just as easily at home.  So, when your child tells you about the fire drill at school, have a drill at home.  Follow the same guidelines: stay calm, use walking feet, and meet at a safe location.  You can also add additional important points such as do not go back inside for special belongings, don't look for the dog or cat, and meet at your chosen safe location.   Take a minute to hold a fire drill with your family.  Hopefully you'll never have a true emergency, but you may rest a little easier knowing that your children will know what to do just in case!

Here's a link to more information about creating a family plan: