Tuesday, April 27, 2010


When I told my husband I was going to start a blog his first response was "Weren't you going to do that a long time ago?".  Yes, and finally I've really done it!  I want to write about the joy of learning I get to share both in the classroom and at home with our daughters.  If anything it'll be a lesson plan of sort that I can refer to when I'm having "one of those days" and need a fresh idea to make it through the day.  I firmly believe that the best tools for learning are not found in the toy aisles fastened in pretty packaging that requires a pair of pliers to dislodge the toy from its box.  Although a quick outing to Target gets us out of the house and brightens the girls' faces as they clutch their purchase all the way home, chances are that shiny new toy will be tossed aside before the end of the week.  Rather, items found in my pantry, my recycling bin, or in nature can have the greatest "play" value for our daughters.  These activities are some favorites from my classroom that our daughters have enjoyed at home as well.

So here's idea number one.  It's nothing fancy or expensive.  It has, however, given the girls extended periods of make believe play.  It has developed eye-hand coordination.  It has also encouraged counting and measuring.  And it's the featured photo on my blog page.  All you need is an oversized plastic shoe box with a lid.  Fill it a quarter way with corn meal.  Add small scoops, spoons, and cups.  Thats it!  Simple and kid tested for hours of ever changing play!